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Multiselect Dropdown

How can I modify the Multiselect Dropdown library question to work with a grid question?

Thank you in advance
asked 6 days ago by anonymous
Are you imagining a dropdown grid question with multiple rows and columns?  It wouldn't be possible to convert that to multiselects because there wouldn't be enough fields: if the database only has one GridQ_r1_c1 field, we can't record several checkboxes in it.

If we were instead starting from a checkbox grid question, it would be possible to basically "crush" all the rows or all the columns into a single multiselect input.  For example, row 1 could show a single multiselect dropdown rather than several checkboxes.

Another option, if you don't need to support constructed lists, might be to add a few multiselect questions to the same page, then use JavaScript to place them all into a single table.

Is some of this sound like it would work for you?

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