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Dear all,

In my CBC I have an attribute x with the levels "available" & "not available". I would like to analyze "if attribute x is available  - what happens to the preference for another attribute y?" for example when attribute x is present then people tend to choose a lower/inferior level of attribute y. When attribute x is not present they tend to choose a higher/better level of attribute y. Or: when attribute X is not available, attribute y gets more important for consumers.

Is there a way to analyze such things? If yes, is there a paper / tutorial  on that matter?

Thank you and best regards
asked 4 days ago by Ida27 (255 points)

1 Answer

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This is easily analyzed by asking CBC to include interaction effects in the utility estimation.  If using Lighthouse Studio, when you run an aggregate logit, latent class MNL, or HB model, you can click the "gear icon" (the settings icon) within the Analysis Manager, and then click the Attribute Coding link.  At the bottom of the Attribute Coding dialog you can see a green  "plus" icon for adding interaction effects between 2 attributes at a time.

Remember, to interpret the total effect of two attributes involved in an interaction, you take the main effects and add them to the interaction effects.  In other words, interaction effects are the adjustment to main effects to account for interactions between attributes taken 2 at a time.
answered 4 days ago by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (176,515 points)
Thank you very much! Do you have an article related to this topic so that I could see an interpretation example? I am writing my thesis, thus very new in CBC analysis.