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Change default text in ACBC BYO drop-downs

I'm running an ACBC with the drop-down format for the BYO.

My client would like each drop-down default text (before a choice is made) to read something specific, e.g., "Please select a [Attribute name]".

$(function() {
$('#ACBC_BYO_1 option:eq(0)').text('Please select a XXX’');

doesn't seem to do the trick.

Any idea?  Thanks!
asked 5 days ago by amic Bronze (1,265 points)
reopened 5 days ago by amic
In your BYO's Question Settings, there should be a setting labelled "Option Default Text."  Does that do what you need?
In case you are curious, the "<select>" element's name is "ACBC_BYO_1," not its ID.  You could try replacing your CSS selector with this:

[name="ACBC_BYO_1"] option:eq(0)
That worked indeed (name instead of #).
I need a specific message for each drop-down so the general option wouldn't help me.

Thanks Zachary!

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