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Skip to question feature in the actual survey

I want the respondents to be able to return to the page they want by having a skip to page option in the actual survey. How can we enable that feature in lighthouse studio
asked Sep 14 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Dear user,

Why do you want to add the "skip to" question option in the actual survey. It has some disadvantages (see No 1 below) . There is no default way to achieve this by Sawtooth and it is neither suggested to have such functionality in the actual survey:
1. The respondent can directly skip to last page (Qual page), and he will be marked as Qualify  page without answering/ viewing any or some questions.

If you want to have this link for the client for testing before going live so that client do not fill the survey afresh to check all possible cases, you can create a jumper link from where he can skip to any question. You can get the jumper link by logging in to the admin module, then click on test mode > Enter test mode > Run test survey. You will now be redirected to the jumper link of the survey, please copy the link from the url and share with the client for testing purpose. Tell the client to click "Disable Terminate/Link Functionality" in the settings tab of the jumper link so that he can go back and check other cases in case he gets terminated. Also, make sure to reset the test mode data (be cautious to do this) every time you make changes (logical, variable related) to the survey so that client don't get any error in between (when using the same link again) when there is any change in the variable building/database. Share the passwords that you have allowed for the testing purpose, if you have not ticked the option "Allow respondent to define their own passwords". Do inform client that using jumper link, some related questions might not be visible because of its interconnection with other questions (that is not fulfilled because of jumping to a specific question) and they can be skipped in such scenario.

I hope the above information helps.

Rahul Mittal
answered Sep 14 by Rahul Mittal Gold (10,535 points)
Thanks for the reply Rahul. It is an ask from our client that we need the skip to question feature in the survey. Would you by any possible chance know how we can enable that in the same way it is in the test mode bar in the preview version of the survey. This would be of great help!
We can have this function only in the test mode version as it is not suggested to have the "skip to" function in the actual survey.