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Multi-Select CBC

Hi Guys,

My client has asked for a multi-select CBC (can select more than one product per task).

This isnt something I have done before - previously always limiting myself to one choice per task and using share of preference to guide multi-choices.

So a couple of questions;
-   Can I do this, and how would I analyse the results?
-   Is there any issue with asking the question in this way e.g. does it decrease my capacity to predict choice as we split the information available across two DVs?

Thanks for your help,

asked Sep 8, 2020 by djtindall Bronze (600 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Dean,

We have administered this CBC using volumetric approach wherein we  added checkbox under each concept. Selection of checkbox will autofill 1 in hidden numeric box.

Powerful HB estimation will accept this data and analyze this as standard volumetric CBC.

Example: https://bit.ly/2ZgiK3I

I hope this helps.

answered Sep 8, 2020 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (34,995 points)
Thanks Saurabh - I suppose another way would be pretend its a constant-sum task and then just divide the selection by the number of choices made before importing the data e.g. 3 choices = 33.3% x 3 allocations.

I suppose my only real question is, do we actually gain anything by doing this?  Especially if we are not having a volumetric output...