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Would it show the message every time for each Maxdiff screen?

Will the orientation persist from screen to screen once you show it on the first Maxdiff screen or do I need to put the code on each page of the Maxdiff exercise? It would be annoying if people have to ok the message for each screen.  I would like it to keep the orientation for the duration of the Maxdiff without having people to try to get rid of the alert message after the first time shown. Is this possible?
asked Sep 1, 2020 by rinsights Bronze (890 points)
As-is, there is no okaying / dismissing that message, nor is it possible to submit the page while the message is showing.  The respondent is required to rotate their device before it will be possible for them to proceed with the questionnaire.  I imagine most respondents would only see the message once, but it could potentially show up again if they rotate their device multiple times.

If you place the script into a single question, the message will only ever appear on that one page.  If you place it into the survey settings (e.g., survey header, survey footer, or the HTML head tag), the message will be able to show up throughout the entire questionnaire.
Thank you, Zach!

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