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How to call top of mind, spontaneous and aided awareness responses in later questions?

I am working in a survey in which I have to call / display TOM, Spontaneous and Aided awareness responses in later questions. The problem I am facing is that it is easy to call Aided awareness responses using the constructed list option but TOM and spontaneous have to be asked using open ended question type.

How one can call responses from multiple open ended and multiple choice questions in a single later question in the survey?

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asked Dec 9, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Dec 9, 2012 by Walter Williams
I suppose to my simple way of thinking about this problem, I would have used SSI Web's capabilities to put multiple Other Specifies in a Multiple Select-type question, and to pipe those reponses directly onto a new constructed list.  When I have done a question with purely unaided awareness, I use a Select-type question that is filled with a bunch of Other Specify items.  For example, in our annual customer feedback survey, I ask our users which online sample providers they have used in the last 12 months.  I do this as a purely unaided awareness question, with up to six mentions allowed (six Other Specify items).

Of course, you need to do the work to code everything manually on the back end.

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Not a nice problem to have.

One suggestion is use the TextExists function which searches through a verbatim or text field.

According to the Sawtooth help ...

TextExists (QuestionName,"TextToLookFor")

Searchers for "TextToLookFor" in the answer of QuestionName. If found, a 1 is returned; if not found, a 0 is returned.
You can write some Perl script in a constructed list that says something like this (assume Q1=unaided and Q2=aided) ...

Begin Unverified Perl

 if( (TEXTEXISTS(VALUE("Q1"),"Brand1"))==1 || (VALUE("Q2_1")==1))

 if( (TEXTEXISTS(VALUE("Q1"),"Brand2"))==1 || (VALUE("Q2_2")==1))

 if( (TEXTEXISTS(VALUE("Q1"),"Brand3"))==1 || (VALUE("Q2_3")==1))

and so on ...

End Unverified

One of the problems with this technique is poor spelling. Maybe you can use this technique or something similar and have a confirmation page which says "We have recorded you being aware of the following brands, could you please confirm. Are there any others?".

Probably not ideal but it may assist?
answered Dec 9, 2012 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)