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How to hide password field

I have set up my survey with the range of permitted user IDs in the password field (called 'caseid'), but when I test the survey as a respondent it always shows the user ID field as an empty box for the respondent to fill in...is there any way to set this to fill in their user ID automatically so that respondents don't see this?
asked Aug 17, 2020 by Isobel
Thanks - I ended up finding that the issue was that I was using 'hid_studyname=' in my link instead of 'studyname='. Once this change was made, I was able to bypass the initial password screen.

2 Answers

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Yes, if you have defined passwords in your study then you want to use the One Click Link, which adds the password in the link.  When you upload a study it should show you what the Survey Access Link is (which it sound like you are using), the Admin Module Link and then the One Click Link Example.  You can also go into the help menu and look up One-Click Access to Survey.

Here is a basic example: https://yourstudyname.sawtoothsoftware.com/cgi-bin/ciwweb.pl?studyname=yourstudyname&password=A6Z99
answered Aug 17, 2020 by Jay Rutherford Gold (42,810 points)
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Hit F1 for HELP and search on "One-Click Access to Survey".

Extract from the Sawtooth Software HELP ...

If you want respondents to click a link that automatically logs them into a survey and supplies their passwords and/or additional "passed-in" data (that you've defined in the passwords table), you should create a URL that links respondents directly to the Perl script located in the cgi-bin directory.  When respondents click such a link to start the survey, they skip the Start page (page 1).  The following text included in an email message starts a survey with a studyname "tep1" located in the "gonzo" study root directory, with password fields named myusername and mypassword, with valid values of "michael" and "A6Z99":


You can also pass additional variables into the data set, as long as those are defined as Pass-in Fields within the Questionnaire Access and Passwords dialog.  For example, if we define a Pass-in Field called panelid, we can specify this directly following any password information, as below:


When respondents start the survey by clicking the hyperlink, if the passwords are valid (and the quota is not complete), the respondent is sent to the page following the password screen.  If the respondent is restarting an interview, the page where he/she left off is displayed.  Any passed in information is stored in the database, as if it were any other question in the survey.

When you upload you survey to the server, you will also see the one-click survey link. Use this and insert any of you allowable passwords into the link.
answered Aug 17, 2020 by Paul Moon Platinum (90,780 points)