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LightHouse paper-and-pencil data input for chip allocation CBC with None

I am considering running an alternative specific CBC study with chip allocation response option (instead of discrete choice response option). I have never done CBC with chip allocation response format. I will show 3 products per screen AND a "None" option. The survey will be programmed/hosted by an external vendor. I would preferably like to be able to use default HB estimation in LightHouse to obtain respondent level utilities. My questions are:
(1) If I include a "None" option and use the default chip allocation  supported in the software for including/analyzing the None response data, when entering the data in the paper and pencil LightHouse template file - if a respondent selected "None" on a conjoint screen, do I simply enter all chips for the None response and zeroes "0" for the other concepts shown on the screen? For example, if the conjoint screen asks: Out of the next 10 visits - how many would you do for each of the 3 profiles shown per CBC screen - if a respondent selects "None" - you would enter data in LightHouse template as 0 0 0 10 - correct?
(2) If you code chip allocation/None data like above, you would proceed as with discrete choice CBC and can use default HB estimation routine in LightHouse - and then use resulting utilities for preference share simulation (both with and without None included in simulation) just as you would with discrete choice CBC (same preference share computations in the simulator, etc.) - correct?

Thank you.
asked Aug 5, 2020 by anonymous

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