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Quota Set up


We have 500 brands in a question. We will be targeting a total of 100 individuals within these brands, however, we cannot have more than one respondent from any particular brand.

Do we have to program 500 single quotas (1 per system)- or is there another (more efficient) approach this?

Please let me know.
asked Jul 29, 2020 by Abdul Bronze (3,330 points)

2 Answers

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I will add to what Rahul said and remind you that since there are 500 to set up you can set up a csv file and import them rather than manually setting up 500.
answered Jul 29, 2020 by Jay Rutherford Platinum (51,195 points)
selected Jul 29, 2020 by Abdul
Thank you both of you.
Especially, Jay - Without your suggestion I would have done manually. You saved my day.
Abdul, I thought you are aware of csv import functionality.
I am happy that your time is saved from the info.

Thanks Jay for adding this.
Glad to have been helpful.  I learned that one the hard way myself. :-)
Thanks Rahul, your suggestion was also very helpful. I was struggling to set up the logic. Your's and Jay's idea made me confident.
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Hi Abdul,

Since a respondent will be assigned only one brand out of total available brands, so you can create a single quota having 500 cells (one cell for each brand). The limit of each cell will be 1 as 1 brand can not be assigned to more than 1 respondent.

Also, in the cell membership method, please select Least fill (percentage) so that the brands can be assigned on the basis of lowest read.

Hope this helps.

Rahul Mittal
answered Jul 29, 2020 by Rahul Mittal Gold (11,860 points)