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Can you tell the difference between a self-selected must-have versus an automatic must-have?

I am wondering if there's any way to know if a person selected the must-have or if the software assigned it a must-have? I have a person who selected a must-have seemingly, but all 3 other levels are unacceptables. I know the software generates an automatic must-have, but is there a way to see if the person actually did select the must-have on the off chance?

Thank you!
asked Jul 22, 2020 by amyandes (225 points)

1 Answer

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Adaptive CBC shouldn't show a must-have or unacceptable it already knows the answer to, so if a respondent marks 3 of the 4 levels of an attribute as unacceptable, it shouldn't show the 4th level in the next must-have (and vice versa, if they say level 4 is must-have then the other levels shouldn't show up in subsequent unacceptable questions).  You can't tell which was done just by looking at the counts report unfortunately, but it only mirrors these all or nothing situations.  For example, if level 1 of 4 was selected as unacceptable, it wouldn't show levels 3-4 as must-have.
answered Jul 22, 2020 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (56,675 points)