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How to use 3 Text Boxes in one question?

Hi everyone,

This is my first survey and I am struggling quite a bit with my last question. I hope somebody here can assist me :-)

In essence, we would like to ask participants which 3 specific companies they want us to partner with. There should be 3 text boxes next to each other (in a single row) in which people can simply type in company names (I assume some 30 characters or so).

I have tried to set up the question using the grid question (i.e. 3 columns labeled "1.", "2." and "3.", each of which having the ("Other Specify") tick mark activated). Lastly, I completely deleted the row in order to avoid any radio buttons underneath the text boxes.

In the preview mode, everything looks exactly as I want it to be. However, once I try to publish the survey, there is an error message telling me that I need at least one row (which sadly makes sense).

Is there any quick workaround for this so that I do not have any radio buttons etc. underneath?

Many thanks in advance! Any help is hugely appreciated!
asked Jul 16, 2020 by o4034695 (200 points)

1 Answer

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Since it is your first survey, I am writing the detailed steps to be followed:

Please follow the below steps:

1. Create a Grid question.
2. In formats tab, select columns as Question Direction.
3. In Rows, add a blank row and uncheck the Row Labels option.
4. In Columns, add 3 options with text as Company 1,Company 2 and Company 3.
5. Select all these 3 options in the column and click edit, now select Open end in the Row/Column Question Type. You can also give Min and Max characters in the required field if you want to restrict a respondent to answer specific number of characters.
6. Finally, run the survey to get the desired format.
answered Jul 17, 2020 by Rahul Mittal Gold (11,635 points)
Many thanks, Rahul! This worked perfectly!