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Adding Skip Logic to Multiple Randomized MaxDiff Questions


I have 3 Max Diff questions in my survey with varying number of choice sets. They are in 3 blocks so they can be randomized.

I have a question that precedes it and I'd like to have each MaxDiff show based on how they answered this question.

For example, if they selected answer 1 in Q1, then I want them to see the first MaxDiff.

I know you can't have skip logic that skips from or directly to a MaxDiff so I have an Intro Text Question before each MaxDiff, but I think because I'm randomizing each block or choice sets, it won't let me add skip logic.

Has anyone else come across this and has any advice?

Thank you!
asked Jul 14, 2020 by Janet

1 Answer

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You can build a constructed list to control the block randomization and you shouldn't need any skip logic.  Create a predefined list (I'd call mine BlockList) with three items.  The label of each list item is irrelevant since the list isn't actually shown in any question, so I'd just use 1/2/3.

Create a constructed list (BlockListRandom) and then set up constructed list logic to add items 1-3 based on some other question.  If it was a simple case where, say, Q5 had 3 check boxes and controlled what blocks to see, you could do something like AIC(Q5).  You could also toss in any list instructions like


which would add anything chosen from Q5, randomize the order, then trim it down to at most 2 of the 3 items.

Then in the randomized blocks area, you would use the dropdown box to select BlockListRandom as the controlling list for your 3 MaxDiff blocks.  The end result is that if list item 1 is in BlockListRandom, the respondent would see the first MaxDiff exercise.  If not, the first exercise would not be shown, no skip logic required.
answered Jul 14, 2020 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (52,630 points)