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Printing MaxDiff paper-and-pencil studies

Hello everyone,

I'm using SSI Web 7.0.26 and I want to print a MaxDiff paper-and-pencil study, and as far as I know, I can only save it in HTML or CSV format (pages 535-536 of the documentation). My question is if there is any way of saving it in PDF format - I can print each HTML file into PDF (via Chrome), but the problem is that it puts only one question in each page, wasting the majority of the pages blank space.

I'd appreciate if someone can either confirm me this information and if there are any alternative ways to it that I do not know.

Many thanks in advance,
João Fernandes
asked Nov 27, 2012 by João Fernandes Bronze (2,040 points)
retagged Nov 27, 2012 by Walter Williams

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You can open up the HTML files and modify them to remove the page breaks.  If you open them up (Notepad will work if you don't have anything fancier) you can either scroll or search for a line that contains the word Page Break in it.  It will look like this:

<div class="page_break"><div class="page_break_text">Page Break</div></div>

Delete that line to remove the page break, which will allow you to put more than one question on each page
answered Nov 28, 2012 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (55,670 points)
selected Nov 28, 2012 by João Fernandes
Thanks Brian, I hope it will suffice :]
It isn't possible to generate also paper-and-pencil versions of the CiW questions into HTML, or something like that? Taking the documentation into account, I'd say no, but I think that must be impossible, since it is such an important feature. Brian, can you enlighten me on this?
I agree it is a little odd, but we do not export conjoint exercises and general questions from the same area in the software.  The CiW questions can be printed via File -> Print and you can choose HTML or PDF for the graphical print options.
Thank you. I was there before, but I thought it was only possible to save it in txt format. Nevermind. I see that it also allows me to print the MaxDiff questions, but probably I must bypass that part, because I bet it will always generate the same sequence of questions, and not the supposed versions. Am I right on this?

It was before my time, but I imagine one of the main benefits of keeping the printing of general questions versus conjoint exercises is that you can just print the general questions once and then make copies (cheaper).  You almost always will want to field more than one version of a conjoint or MaxDiff exercise, so you have to print each version of the design (more expensive).
Ok, clear as crystal, thanks for the tips!