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"Could not find a part of the path"-error when trying to test/ get a preview

Dear Sawtooth Team,

I am working on a survey project. Whenever I want to get a preview of a single question or start local testing I receive the error "Could not find a part of the path".

The survey project was started last year in an old SSI Web version. Everything worked fine there. I now copied the whole survey folder and opened it in Sawtooth Software Lighthouse Studio 9.8.1. I can work on questions etc like usual but testing is not possible.

Any hint on what to do would be appreciated.

Best regards,

asked Jul 2 by JoGu (270 points)
Could you expound on where you're seeing this error?  Are you seeing a Sawtooth error number when you get to a certain page of your survey, or is this an error message in your browser console?

If the former, you can probably go into the admin module to get more information about what went wrong.  If the latter, the error message should show up with the path that broke.  Presumably there is some "[% GraphicsPath() %]image1.png" or similar in your questionnaire that is causing the blow up.
Thanks for the quick reply. As soon as I click "Test" on the bar on top to start a local test or select "Preview" for a single question in the Lighthouse Studio UI a Window pops up.

After clicking "Test" it says "Could not find a part of the path '[...]\[survey folder name]\[survey name]\Test Survey\admin\db_setup\[survey name]_pwds.cgi'."
After clicking "Preview" it says "Could not find a part of the path '[...]\[survey folder name]\[survey name]\Preview\admin\db_setup\[survey name]_questionnaire.cgi'."

All I can then do is click "Ok" to close the window.
Oh, the error is happening before you even make it to a browser.  That's good to know, though this is not an error I've seen before.

One thing you could try would be to navigate to that path with a file explorer and see if something is clearly wrong.  Are those files missing, or perhaps in a different spot?

Alternatively, you could delete the "[...]\[survey folder name]" directory to force Lighthouse Studio to recreate those files the next time to run Test Survey or Preview.

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