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Quotas based on completes AND disqualifieds

Hi all

I have a project where I need to run some quotas based on both completes and disqualifieds, and some based on completes alone.

First thought was to have all surveys terminate as completes, and have a TOTAL quota that told me who was a "real" complete based on whether they answered the last question (or possibly the first possible question after the last "quota fail" or "disqualify".  Then having a skip early in the piece querying the "real" complete quota cell to close the survey once we have enough.

Problem with that is working out how to get the quotas based solely on real completes working.  Never-ending loop.

Other idea was to create two surveys, and pipe folk into the "main" survey once they actually qualify.  Problem with this approach is the number of variables I'd need to pass in.  At least 66, but could be closer to 80 or 90.

Any other ideas out there?

p.s. on version 7.
asked Nov 20, 2012 by Marion Silver (5,240 points)

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