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using labels file in Excel or SAS

I have not yet needed to use the labels file in Excel or SAS. I have read labels_file_documentation.pdf and I have some familiarity with HTML, but not to merge metadata into Excel or SAS. I want to be able to interpret the integer values with their labels.
Thanks in advance!
asked Jun 23 by rzimba (120 points)
The labels file is an XML document that contains the labels for answers as well as a structure for those labels.  It's written to work with our simulator tools to bring survey data in as segmentation variables when running conjoint and MaxDiff simulations and isn't really designed to work with other software platforms.  There are free XML readers, and I believe Excel can open up XML documents, but I'm not aware of an easy way to take our labels file and do something like a lookup table in Excel to replace the numeric data from the database with the labels themselves, sorry.

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rzimba, are you looking to basically replace numeric data in Excel with text data (e.g. replacing all "1" in "Q1" with "I like pizza" and all "2" with "I like cake," etc?

If so, you may be able to write a very intricate INDEX/MATCH formula in Excel that can do it, but, as Brian stated, it will not be easy. Really, your best option would be to export the data in an SPSS (.sav) file. You can have Lighthouse do all sorts of nifty transformations doing this.
answered Sep 15 by Nwiggin Bronze (835 points)