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Interpretation and Analysis

I have a normal questionnaire in SSI Web (only standard questions, no conjoint). Now I have collected the data from 250 respondents and have exported the data into an excel-file. Which program allows me now to analyse and interpret the results (something like the SMRT or CBC/HB)?
I know, what a stupid question.
asked Nov 17, 2011 by anonymous

1 Answer

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We all differ in how we analyse the data. Some people use stats packages like SPSS, SAS, Q software, etc. Others use market research specific software such as Surveycraft, OzQuest, Plenari, Quantum, etc. or even Excel.

Sawtooth is very much about the data capture.

You need to decide what software you need for analysing the output and that depends on what you're trying to get out of the data?

Sawtooth provides a number of export options which can be found under the FILE tab under Data export.
answered Nov 17, 2011 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,770 points)