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Prepopulate answers for questions based on respondents' previous records.

I have a survey that respondents will be using as a way to regularly log information (every other day or so).  We plan on giving each respondent a link to the survey, with either their name or an ID in the link, and then their name/ID is passed into the survey.  

Is there a way to find if a respondent has taken the survey previously, and if they have, prepopulate the survey with answers from their most recent completed survey record?
asked Jun 1 by Q (365 points)
Is the respondent coming back to the same survey?  If you give them a unique identifier/password to get into the survey, then respondents will restart where they left off and have all their previous answers.
No, I think this would be a new survey record?  So for instance say a respondent clicks their link with the pass in field, and then fills out the survey and completes it on Monday.  Then on Wednesday the same respondent needs to log their new data, so they take the survey again;  though this time they have their responses from Monday's record pre-filled into the survey for convenience.
I can't really think how this could work.  If person A comes into the survey on Monday and is respondent 10, if they come in to the survey again on Wednesday they might be respondent 29.  In order to load up past data, you would have to know respondent 29 is the same person as respondent 10 and go fetch their data (which is difficult in its own right because you'd have to do kind of a "raw" database query).  Using a unique identifier/password to access the survey would allow person A to follow their link on Monday and be respondent 10, then if the same link was used on Wednesday, they would resume as respondent 10.

You could potentially use merged fields in order to load up Monday's answers into Wednesday's survey, or send a new survey link and make Monday's answers passed in as a pass-in field, but that would be a lot of overhead and require separate surveys.
Yeah I was worried it might get messy and involve us directly querying the database.  But I think that might be the only practical option.  Thanks for the help and suggestions!
Keep in mind that direct querying requires a higher level of access to the database than you typically get in our default hosting system for security reasons.  You will need to either self host the survey on your own web server, or have us set up a dedicated web server for this survey so you can have direct access for the queries.  I believe dedicated servers start at $200 per month if you currently have a subscription to Lighthouse Studio.
Thanks for clarifying.  I've never done a direct query so this is all new to me.
You could also think about a loop to stay within a single survey but let them access another iteration on each login.

This way it would feel like they are taking a new survey (new iteration), but old data will be there (previous iterations)

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