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Pass-in and pass-out IDs in case of a survey programmed with another software

We are aiming to field a large survey with a Sawtooth CBC component in between. Because we have limited data fields in our CiW licence, we need to program the survey utilising our Australia-based software package called OzQuest.

The survey starts with the OzQuest link, say


Id is for the panel member id
par2 is for the panel provider id

after a few questions the survey connects to sawtooth CBC, say


CBC study has only 5 tasks and an intro screen, then gets connected to the original survey...We need to put pearl files directly under cgi-bin etc, those are all good, the CBC is working as is but we just can't figure out how to pass in IDs collected in one survey link, then into Sawtooth, then back to the original survey link...I watched those videos about pass-in and pass-out info but they haven't been much of help...

We are utilising 3 different panel providers and need to capture their members IDs in Ozquest (we know how to do that part), then pass-in those IDs into CBC...

I created under pass-in fields tab
ID, number
par2, number

But how to pass that info back to Ozquest?

Q1: What will be the terminate link IN SAWTOOTH??

www.ourwebsite.com/survey.php?job=1111w - DOES NOT WORK, the link goes back to the first page of that survey and then loops...
www.ourwebsite.com/survey.php?job=1111w&id=[%id%]&par2=[%par2%] - DOES NOT WORK, back to first page
www.ourwebsite.com/survey.php?job=1111w&r_id=[%id%]&r_par2=[%par2%] - DOES NOT WORK, back to first page

Q2. Should any one of the links above have worked?

Q3.  When it works, after CBC how to return the link to show where it left off in the original survey, say Q5, instead of the first question?

Without html knowledge it is really puzzling to handle these in Sawtooth. Appreciate any and all help and pointers.

Kind regards,
asked Nov 14, 2012 by HRWine (120 points)
edited Nov 14, 2012 by HRWine
Hi Gokhan,

Were you ever able to figure out how to do this?  We're facing the same issue right now.

2 Answers

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I can give you some tips.

The terminating question that allows you to skip from the MAIN survey to the CBC survey needs the following ...

1/ Place the terminating question at the very point in the MAIN survey when you are ready to skip to the CBC survey.

2/ Tick the Link Settings box and insert the link to the CBC survey with the pass in fields included within the link (panel member ID and panel provider ID). Here is an example of a typical link passing in mypassword=michael and zip=98370 ...
(eg. https://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/gonzo/cgi-bin/ciwweb.pl?studyname=tep1&mypassword=michael&zip=98370

Use the example above as a guide.

3/ Do not tick the Terminate Respondent box as you want the MAIN survey to remain as incomplete (given the respondent will leave the MAIN survey, link to the CBC survey and then jump back to the MAIN survey to finish off).

Include the panel member ID and panel provider ID as pass-in variables in the CBC survey.
When you terminate from the CBC study, it's okay to tick the Terminate Respondent box. Also select Qualified / Complete as this will tag the survey as completed when leaving the CBC survey. You need to insert the link that takes you back to the MAIN study. No need to pass back any ID variables because the MAIN survey already has them captured. You will need to inform this link where to skip back to the MAIN survey though. There is a feature that needs to be included in the link called "sys_skipto". See example below.


This enables you to jump back to the very point you require to continue the MAIN survey. The above example is skip back to Q11 in the MAIN survey..

The terminate question in the MAIN survey will be a simple tick the Terminate Respondent box. Also select the Qualified / Complete option. No need to tick the Link settings box.

I understand you are not using Sawtooth for the MAIN survey but I'm trying to explain how the linking process would normally work for a total Sawtooth project.

From the examples above you should be able to sort out the passing variables via the link okay.

Hope that all helps?
answered Nov 14, 2012 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)
edited Nov 14, 2012 by Paul Moon
Hi Paul,
Thank you very much for the prompt response. The Main Survey however is programmed by another software, appreciate if you could please take another look at my question.

We are not using usernames or passwords, are just using pass-in fields, when the respondent comes from the main survey using this link for example

with how I setup the Id and par2 in pass-in fields in Sawtooth, the information is actually passing in correctly (checked the data in the admin module). The problem is to pass-out that ID information captured in Sawtooth back to the Main Survey.

In other words, what should be the GENERIC terminate link, that would read the passed-in information, and send it back to another non-Sawtooth link? The Sawtooth help file or videos are not clear on how to redirect passed-in variables.
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You need to check with the other softwares developer/documentation. Do they have the ability to continue from where a respondent leaves off, if yes how?
You can create any type of link on cbc end page, but no one would know what the other zoftware requires...

If it does not have such a feature, then you could call cbc in an iframe within the other software, never leaving its flow.

I suggest to contact/check documentation of ozquest, if you can find how the link should be, well be glad to help you form it

Sorry for typos ;)
answered Nov 14, 2012 by Bahadir Ozkurt Gold (16,980 points)