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Shorten survey links

I was wondering is there a neat way to shorten the unique survey links?

Assume I have a few thousand. No generic survey links are used here.

The guidelines of the client are to present a short url in the email invitation / reminder that allows the respondent to copy it to their browser and it will work in the same manner as the standard longer survey link.

Any suggestions are most welcomed.
asked May 14, 2020 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,990 points)
There are a number of URL shortening services out there.  If you find one with an API, you could feed your survey URLs through them to produce unique, shortened links.
Thanks Zachary. We'll go hunting. Regards Paul.

1 Answer

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Paul, I've been asked to shorten the links as far as the text shown in an invite where I've had to explain how that is an issue with copy and paste.  I'm no expert but I don't think you can have copy and paste show one thing but paste a longer link.  When I've dealt with this issue in the past I've used my survey website which provides a much shorter, simpler link.  I've just created a second page for my website and used that (ie www.mysurvey.com would use www.mysurvey.com/survey1).  I could then set script to automatically redirect that page to the correct link of the survey.  Now that would obviously only work if you only were using a generic survey link.  So what I have done instead is provided the generic link but then listing the password they would have to type in separately once it took them to the log in screen.

Probably nothing you don't already know but just passing on what I've done to deal with similar requests.  I've also used this method for our call center when they wanted to be able to provide a url verbally over the phone.
answered May 14, 2020 by Jay Rutherford Platinum (50,755 points)
Thanks Jay.

I'm gathering as much information / solutions as I can.

I am using unique survey links and I want an easy solution that will enable the respondent to continue on as normal if they did a copy and paste into their browser.

Thanks again.
Paul, I've never used it myself, but the other option is to use a service that offers shorter links that I believe then redirect.  I know one is bitly.com.  Not sure how it would work with a large number of unique urls though.  As I said, I've not used it but might be worth exploring your options.
Yeh, my IT colleague is talking about this too.

Easier with one generic link but I know I have a lot more than that.

I'll be looking into these options like bitly.com.