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Testing survey automatically


Is it possible to run an automated test on a survey? I have upwards of 40 conditions on multiple questions that i would need to test and all of these are based on the first question. It would be easier to generate results, respecting these conditions (skip logic and list building) and then to extract these results and validate them in SQL or even in excel.

Is this possible?

asked May 12, 2020 by cdaniel Bronze (690 points)

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Under the Test | Generate Data menu option, you can generate survey data automatically.

There are many options available to you also where most are self explanatory.

You will also find the HELP most useful. Hit F1 to display it.
answered May 12, 2020 by Paul Moon Platinum (101,405 points)
selected May 12, 2020 by cdaniel
I was under the impression that this generator would not respect the skip logic. Thanks.
You have the ability to ignore skip logic, but in your case, I believe you want it switched on.

When you get a chance, take a look at the many options available. Some will appeal to your needs I'm sure.