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Change question text after Screener 1 in ACBC

The screening task questions all share the same question text by default in an ACBC.  How can I alter the text shown after the first screening task?
asked May 9 by Jay Rutherford Gold (37,685 points)

1 Answer

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Here's a simple example that will show the first text in the first screener and the other text in all other screener questions:

<div class="firstScreenerText screenerText">
    This is the first screener

<div class="otherScreenerText screenerText">
    This is another screener

.screenerText {
    display: none;

$('.' + ([% ACBCCurrentScreener() %] == 1 ? 'firstScreenerText' : 'otherScreenerText')).show();
answered May 11 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (153,100 points)
selected May 11 by Jay Rutherford
Exactly what I was looking for!  Thanks as always Zach, you're the best!