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Data generation for CVA questions resulted in odd individual utilities

Dear Sawtooth Software experts,

Good evening.

Thank you for reading my question.

I generated data for CVA scenarios and ran the analysis using HB.

Although the synthetic data did result in some kind of summary (including average utilities and SD) and individual importance, the individual utility levels were odd.

For instance, R squared values for all respondents (n=223) were ALL "0" and the individual utility values were all negative as follows: -0.4395; -0.44038; -0.43913; -0.43826; -0.43917; 0.44000 ...

Will I be able to use them for the proposed following analysis?

I plan on running correlation and regression analysis by exporting the individual utilities to SPSS.

Would there be a way to make this happen?

What did I do wrong?  Is there a way to have a "better" individual utility values?

I deeply appreciate any kind of suggestion or guidance.

Thank you so much and have a safe rest of the week.
asked May 6, 2020 by anonymous

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