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ACBC Tournament Level Text Cell formatting

I want to dynamically format the .level_text_cell in the ACBC tournament section based on level ranking (worst-to-best), but I don't want to use an "in-list" div class.

"In list" would look like this:
ListMember,1 = <div class="level_text_cell_Red"> content </div>
ListMember,2 = <div class="level_text_cell_Yellow"> content </div>
ListMember,3 = <div class="level_text_cell_Green"> content </div>

Is there a way to dynamically manipulate the CSS?
asked Apr 29, 2020 by WTW_cal Bronze (1,595 points)
The HTML for ACBC Choice questions doesn't specify which levels it is displaying in each concept, so you'd need some means of determining which level is which.  Could be a hidden bit of HTML like in each level:

<input type="hidden" class="firstLevel"/>

Or alternatively you have the JavaScript look at the text of each level and use some text comparisons to determine whether or not it's seeing the first, second, or third level.

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