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Skip logic for follow up questions

Hi, I'm working now on my first single product CBC survey.
And I set up each question with one item and a "None Option", and who choose the "None Option" will get a follow-up question about the reason (to ask them why they chose no).
But then if they choose all "no", they will get too many follow-up questions. So I'm wondering whether it could be every 3 times "No option" clicks, then the follow-up question comes up. There are 14 questions in total, and if I set up since the Q3, then the skip logic will be too complicated.
         my stupid idea (i.e. Q3):
         Pre-skip   From Followup_Yes3 to PlaceholderCBC4
         SPCBC_Random1=1 and SPCBC_Random2=1 and SPCBC_Random3=1
         SPCBC_Random1=2 and SPCBC_Random2=1 and SPCBC_Random3=1
        SPCBC_Random1=2 and SPCBC_Random2=2 and SPCBC_Random3=1

Is there any good suggestion for me? Thanks in advance.
asked Apr 28, 2020 by Karolina (140 points)
I would like to get some clarification about what you mean with "every 3 questions."  Does that mean that you'll only have these follow up questions between 3 and 4, and then another between 6 and 7, and another between 9 and 10?  Or will there need to be one after every question after 3?

For example, let's say I answer no after questions 1, 2, and 4.  Do I see a follow-up question after 4 because that's when I hit my third no?  Or do I see it after 6 because that's the next "every third question"?  Or do I not see it at all because my no responses were spaced out like this?

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