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Direct Binary Anchored Max Diff with Paper-and-Pencil administration

I am conducting an Anchored Max Diff using the Direct Binary Approach - but have programmed/hosted the survey outside of LightHouse Studio using an external survey programming vendor.

To collect Direct Binary data, after completing all max diff exercises, respondents indicated which max diff items are "Very Important" with checkboxes (so check/very important=1 and no check/not important=0  for each max diff item in the data).

When I create the "Accumulated Data Template File" in LightHouse Studio - I do not see fields for the Direct Binary data. How do I import the Direct Binary check/no check data into LightHouse studio AND how to I access it in HB utility estimation within LIghtHouse Studio to include it in HB analysis?

Thank you.
asked Apr 20, 2020 by anonymous

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Direct anchoring data is set up during the analysis of the MaxDiff data by writing logic based on non-MaxDiff variables in the survey.  What I would probably do is just add a select question to your survey and recreate the multi-check question and then import the data.  Multi-check questions are just QuestionName_#, so the first checkbox is QuestionName_1.

Then in the analysis settings, you can set up your logic with QuestionName_#=1 for each item.
answered Apr 21, 2020 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (56,375 points)
Thank you for the helpful response. I added the select question (multi-select with checkboxes using the existing max diff item list as the response options) in LightHouse Studio after my max diff exercise as you suggested. When I then view the data in the LightHouse Studio "Data Management" window - I do not see the columns/variables for "QuestionName_#" variables for the select question response items. I was expecting to see these variables with no respondent data populated AND I would then be able to import the respondent data for these variables. How do I get the "QuestionName_#" variables into the internal LightHouse Studio project database that will be accessed/used during HB analysis? Thank you.
Lighthouse is a little weird in that if you author a survey and then go immediately into the View/Edit data area, it's showing you a live version of your database.  We don't modify that database to stay perfectly in sync with your survey, so it won't automatically add all the columns for the multi-select question.  You could double check things are working right by using the Test menu and run a robot respondent through the survey and then viewing the data if you wanted.

They don't need to be there, though, for you to import them.  Simply take your template file for the MaxDiff import and add the columns with the names QuestionName_# into each column and Lighthouse should match those columns with the select question you authored.

If you run into something not working, feel free to send the files you are working on in to support@sawtoothsoftware.com.
Thank you for the information - that's very helpful.