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Displaying different mouse-over images on must-have / unacceptable screens


Currently, I have a mouse-over at the attribute level in my ACBC study. For example, if my attribute is Brand and I have brands x,y,z as the levels, then there will be one mouse-over over the 'Brand' with an image that explains the brands x,y,z. This was cleaner than having to have a separate image mouse-over for every level in our survey.

The problem I am running into is that on the must-have / unacceptable screens, we are asking them about specific levels, so the mouse-over with the image of the entire attribute and all it's levels no longer makes sense. Is there a way to call a different mouse-over on the must-have / unacceptable screens? Sawtooth support says that I can add some code in the jquery, but I am not an experience programmer and am not sure how to go about this approach. Thanks
asked Nov 7, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Nov 7, 2012 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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Page 479 of the SSI Web manual has some examples of customizing text based on which ACBC question you are on. For Must-Have questions you can do something like

[%begin unverified perl 

if(QUESTIONNAME() =~ /musthave/i) { 
    return "Attribute Name"; 

else { 
    return TOOLTIP("Attribute Name","Attribute description"); 

end unverified%]

to return a tooltip on non-Must-Have questions and just the attribute name on Must-Have questions. For your Unacceptable questions change

QUESTIONNAME() =~ /musthave/i


QUESTIONNAME() =~ /unnaceptable/i
answered Nov 8, 2012 by Jeff Forkner Bronze (2,875 points)