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Slider - handle start position based on the previous answer

We repeatedly show a slider question battery to derive the influence of additional information on product perception. How can we customize the handle start position based on the respondent's previous answers? (e.G. respondent rates product quality in q1 with 7 -> the handle start position of in q2 should be 7...)

Many Thanx!

asked Mar 29, 2020 by anonymous

1 Answer

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In your slider question, click on the "Format" tab.

Under "Slider Settings", you will see "Handle Start Position".

Click on the pull down list and select "Custom". A box will appear. You can enter [%q1_1%] here.

I am assuming your "q1" is also a slider, hence the reason I inserted "q1_1".

You can change this to any previous question and you can also use mathematical calculations on it like [%q1_1*5%] or [%q1_1+10%].
answered Mar 29, 2020 by Paul Moon Platinum (95,550 points)