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New features

My boss has come with these questions as a new learning (after seeing some other survey tools)

Please let me know if any of the following features available/possible in Sawtooth

Single select question - Take automatically to the next question after clicking on the response

Multi select question - Not having to check a box, but just click on the response instead

Any other newly added features - So that we can create a few different standard questions or more interactive for users.
asked Mar 3, 2020 by Abdul Bronze (2,765 points)
Abdul, I have some comments to assist you ...

Sawtooth Software allows / caters for tweaks to their standard set of questions. Tools such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. allow us to make these necessary changes from time to time. The more you know about these tools, the better off you will be in amongst your survey programming adventures.

For example, if you place this JavaScript in the footer of your single response select question, you will advance automatically to the next survey page ...
<script type="text/javascript">

function SSI_CustomGraphicalRadiobox(GraphicalRadioboxObj, InputObj)

Sawtooth Software already allows you to click on the code label to tick the check box. Clicking on the check box will also work. Give it a try.

Sawtooth Software has many delightful features that I'm sure will impress your boss.

If you or your boss have any other ideas that you may think are beneficial, please pop by the forum and let us know. You may see a neat feature in another survey? Feel free to share it. Cool ideas are most welcomed here.

You also mentioned other newly added features. Do you have anything specific in mind?
Thank you so much Paul. The script for the single select is perfectly working. I was not aware of the click on the code label until you explained (but I have not tried it yet, will do it tomorrow)

As of now, I have nothing in mind regarding 'other newly added features'. Need to discuss with my boss tonight. I will definitely come back with the discussed points.

Thanks again.

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