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The Swait and Louviere Test


I have read the steps of conducting The Swait and Louviere Test in the new MAxDiff book. I understand that steps 1 to 3 are the results from either to regular MNL run in the Lighthouse Studio program or 1 group in the stand-alone Latent Class analysis program.

My issue now is in the 4th step, where we run a scale-constrained model to detect the scale of one of the 2 groups in the pooled model, or named mu2.
Is it possible somehow using the Latent Class stand-alone program and 1 group analysis with checking the box of the Scale-constrained to get this value from the output?
if not then what other alternatives do you suggest me to follow as I do not know how to manipulate the pooled matrix in the MNL modelling

N.B. The conjoint task I am testing is a MaxDiff Conjoint (profile case-case 2) with the best and worst choices as the 2 groups to be compared.

asked Mar 3 by AMYN Bronze (2,980 points)

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Checking the scale constrained box will NOT give you want you need for the S&L test.  For that you really need to recode the design matrix for one of your two data sets, using different scale values until you find the one that maximizes the joint likelihood of the concatenated data set.   There is no simpler way to do that step.
answered Mar 3 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (93,025 points)
selected Mar 4 by AMYN