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Is it possible to generate a value for respondents who go through the survey too quickly?

I am running my survey through a qualtrics panel, so my data is passed from qualtrics into sawtooth and back out to qualtrics. I used a script to give a value to respondents who answered 'none' 10 or more times within my CBC. Since qualtrics can't see or monitor the sawtooth portion of my survey, I need a way to remove the respondents who answer the sawtooth portion of the survey in 4 minutes or less. What would be the best way to do this? Could I add another script that gives a value to those respondents?
asked Jan 29 by kbroich (180 points)
Would adding this value to your terminate link be of use?

[% Begin Unverified Perl return GETVALUE('sys_ElapsedTime'); End Unverified %]

That should give you the survey time in seconds.
Hi Zachary, how does this work? Is it simply added to the end of the terminate link that links back to the qualtrics plartform?
It could be added to your terminate link, just like other times you've passed values back to Qualtrics or any other platform.  Where a simple ID might be passed like

ID=[% RespNum() %]

the elapsed time could be passed similar to this:

time=[% Begin Unverified Perl return GETVALUE('sys_ElapsedTime'); End Unverified %]

1 Answer

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Lighthouse has a built-in function to calculate the time between page X and Y: PageTime(StartPage, EndPage)

You could pass that value out with the respondent into Qualtrics in the outgoing link, or you could set up skip logic that said if PageTime(StartPage, EndPage) < 240 (4 minutes * 60 seconds) that sent the respondent to a different terminate page.
answered Jan 30 by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (47,900 points)