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Data is deleted after redirecting to another survey

My respondents' data is being deleted after they are redirected to another survey hosting my CBC and return to the original survey. I had successfully fielded this survey before without this issue and I don't believe I made changes to my settings.

I am appending list values from the CBC to pass-in fields that are stored as 'VALUE' when respondents begin the original link. I think that this might be my issue, as if I store a value there originally my data is not deleted after respondents return, but the correct values are not updated to their fields.

I have cookies enabled to allow respondents to restart and I am directing respondents to the question that they left from in the original survey.

Any guidance or advice would be appreciated.
asked Jan 26, 2020 by sungvary (120 points)

1 Answer

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I'm a little rusty in this area, but what you are saying sounds correct.  If a respondent begins a survey with pass-in fields, leaves, and then comes back in and you change the value of the pass-in fields, previously answered questions are cleared out as the software assumes the respondent is coming back in to start over.  It sounds like you are linking more than one Sawtooth survey together?  Is there a reason for that?  If there is, you might be better suited by linking to a third survey so you can change/update pass-in fields.
answered Jan 28, 2020 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (55,820 points)