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Free format Holdout Tasks in ACBC

Dear Bryan,
you've just described that the most common way of implementing holdout tasks in an ACBC investigation would be by using fixed CBC tasks or free format questions.

Currently, we are pretesting an ACBC with a free format slide as holdout task that is imitating an ACBC choice task using a HTML table with radio buttons.
By now, the HTML table really looks exactly the same as previous ACBC choice tasks (from the CBC tournament).
However, it seems like the data from this holdout task could not be collected/is not reported when analyzing the pretest data.

Therefore, I did some research on what might be the reason for the problem. I would guess that it is because radio buttons programmed in HTML ( <input type="radio" id="Stimulus1" name="Stimulus" value="Stimulus1" class="radiobutton">
) still need some codes/orders for reporting the related data.

As you have just described the option of using free format questions as holdout tasks in ACBC, I was wondering whether you have got some kind of "template" that could be used for free format holdout tasks in order to collect the related data properly?

You'd really be helping us a lot!
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asked Jan 23, 2020 by Ben

1 Answer

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That's a good trick to "steal" HTML from a previous question  to reuse in your Free Format question.  I'm curious if in your Free Format question you've added a variable that would capture store the data?  In a Free Format question composition, you should go to the Variables/Question HTML tab and click the Add button.  Select a "Radio" type.  Then, give it a name in the Variable Name field.

Then, back in the HTML field where you have specified your HTML, you can click the Pencil icon to bring up the text editor with tools.  There is a "Free Format Controls" icon on the toolbar that looks like a crossed hammer and a wrench.  When you click this drop-down and then click your variable name, it will insert some HTML appropriate to capture and store the data for your Free Format question.  You'll need to move this HTML into the appropriate place in your HTML code for your Free Format HTML question.
answered Jan 24, 2020 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (201,765 points)