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Formulas for base and attribute level prices in Advanced Simulation Module (ASM)

I conducted an ACBC with 4 regionally assigned base prices and attribute level prices.  (A small inflator/deflator was applied to each price level based on regional price differences).  

I am now running simulations in the Advanced Simulations Module and was wondering if there is a way to "call up" the regional prices used for each respondent.   Is there a formula I can use in the "base price" field (in the product configurator) and in the attribute level prices (in the attribute price section in the "revenue and costs" section)?

I am currently running four separate simulations for each region, but would rather run a single model that draws from the appropriate prices.  I've found a few example formulas in the help section but didn't see anything like this.
asked Jan 21, 2020 by dpatek (290 points)
Are you using the ASM in the SMRT software, or are you using the Choice Simulator?
I am using the Lighthouse simulator (as part of the subscription suite).  I might be calling it the wrong thing.

1 Answer

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If your project involves conditional pricing to determine the pricing from the region, then that can be used in the simulator.  However, there is no function to do as you describe.
answered Jan 21, 2020 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (21,480 points)
Thanks, I thought so.  I used [% getvalue() %]  to pipe in prices for each.