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Is combining two existing quotas possible?

Thank you very much for your answer, Paul!

Would it, however, be possible to combine two already existing quotas to one new quota without having to upload a new survey?

In case I have to upload a new survey in order to adjust the quota, would you recommend to download the already collected data and delete them via the Lighthouse Admin Website (to than combine them in a later stage with the new data)? Or can I keep the already collected data online?
asked Jan 7, 2020 by Mel
If you have a survey called version 1 which contains version 1 quotas, and then you have a modified survey called version 2 which contains different quotas (version 2 quotas), you can set your version 2 quotas to targets based on what has already happened in version 1. You can combine them at the analysis stage and create a new combo quota variable/s (version 1+2).

What ever your analysis software maybe (Excel, SPSS, etc.), should allow you to cater for the merging.

And it's a good idea to be thinking about the particular steps before version 2 proceeds to provide the comfort of knowing you have a plan in place.

Once you change / add / remove quota definitions, things can get a little messy and you need to allow for a blending process after field work.
Thank you very much - You have helped me a lot!

1 Answer

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Mel, it might feel a little uncomfortable at the time, but experiencing this type of project where quotas change mid-way through field will become a beneficial experience for you.

You'll learn a little more about quotas and the way the data is stored.

I'm sure you'll look back on this project and agree with me that it has done you a whole lot of good.

I've had this happen to me on occasions and I'm kind of grateful that it did happen. I'm a bit wiser now!
answered Jan 8, 2020 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)