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price in ACBC

Hi ,

There are 3 attributes which have  3 levels.
Att1: lv1 ($0);lv2 ($20);lv3($50)
Att2:lv1 ($0);lv2 ($60);lv3($120)
Att3 is price.
the range of Summed price should be 50 to  150.
how can I setup the "vary summed  %"  and "base price"?

If I want to round the price to xx9, how can I setup the "round to Nearest"?
asked Dec 16, 2019 by Ben (120 points)

1 Answer

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I am cautious about using ACBC for a 3-attribute problem, especially when there are just 3 levels per attribute.  I think using the BYO question and doing a near-neighbor design may lead to issues with such a small design space.  Perhaps dropping the BYO question and asking ACBC just to use the Screening, Tournament, and Calibration sections could work.  I'd need to test it and work with it on such a problem to see if it was feasible.

It was designed with 5 attributes or more in mind.

Does your design really have just 2 attribute with 3 level and price?
answered Dec 16, 2019 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (184,340 points)
No, in fact there age 9 attributes in my study. -    Each level of each feature has a certain price, product price is defined by the total price for all level included.

I just wanted to let problem be simple. I am sorry.

I want to know :
-    80% or more of the scenarios should have a total price in range of 150 to 300.
-    the total price should be rounded up to the nearest 9, for example, if total price = 125, then it should be 129.
OK, that makes much more sense!

Please use the Pricing tab in ACBC to conduct a "summed pricing" experiment.  There are instructions in the documentation for adding a summed price attribute.  You can adjust the Base Price, the incremental prices per attribute levels, and the % random shock up and down from the calculated price.  You need a healthy random shock to the computed prices (and we recommend in the documentation about +/-30% random shock for precise price sensitivity measurement).

Regarding the rounding to 9s, then you should use the fields in the Pricing tab to specify that prices (after random shock is added) should be rounded to the nearest 10, plus 9.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our technical support team during our business hours for help.  The phone number is +1 801 477 4700.