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Disabling browser back button on mobile

Hello! I'm using LH 9.7.1 and I have the disable browser back button setting turned on and it is disabled fine when using chrome on desktop but does not work on mobile. Is there a solution for this??
asked Dec 10, 2019 by Liz
Also, if not, is there any sort of data captured that would tell us that someone hit the browser back button?
There are a number of different scripts that exist that attempt to disable the browser back button, some specifically written with mobile platforms in mind.  But I generally would not recommend using them - they often support limited browsers / platforms, frequently fail to stop a user persistent on going back, and throw off the web browsing experience in general.

Perhaps there is another option that could suit your needs.  Can you expound on why you need to disable the browser back button?
Is there a way for us to record or see if a respondent is using the browser back button in the data collected?
The history file in the admin module might be able to help you, but it's not the easiest file to parse.  If you were to add a free format question to a given page, you could include a counter variable that increments every time the page loads.  If that counter were greater than one, then you know a respondent must have backed up to that page.

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