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Which file should I use to use the Simulator for CBC


I just collected my CBC data and now I want to use the simulator. However, I am not sure which data file I should use for this. As it says that an .CSV file is required I tried to upload the data raw data file in .CSV format. But then it says that the file "was expected to have 5 columns (...) The number of columns should be the number of attributes plus one for the label field". Could you tell me how I can generate this file?

Thanks a lot!
asked Dec 7, 2019 by Stefanie

1 Answer

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The simulator cannot accept raw CBC data.  You must first estimate utilities in Lighthouse Studio or CBC/HB before bringing those into the simulator.
answered Dec 7, 2019 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (21,480 points)
Hi, thanks for this answer!

So does this mean I upload the file computed by the HB analysis and delete all columns except the Respondent ID and the assigned utilities to all four attributes? However, as each attribute has two levels, which utility score should I use exactly? The one with the positive sign?

Thanks in advance!
Both Lighthouse or CBC/HB will produce a .hbu file, which the simulator knows exactly what to do with it, so no changes to the file are necessary.

If you want to use a .csv file of utilities, Lighthouse can export the utilities file from the Analysis Manager.  When importing, you will have to specify which columns belong to each attribute.

Utilities are for each level of an attribute (if coded part worth), and all are necessary.  In your case, all 8 utilities are needed.  A .csv utility file would contain the respondent id, the fit statistic, the utility columns and a none utility column (if you included a none option in the survey).