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Westendorp Miller Newton-Miller-Smith Extension with more pricepoints

Is there anywhere a template like the one here:
Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM) Templates Newton-Miller-Smith Extension

but adapted for much more pricepoints than only 11?

Thanks for any info.
asked Nov 27, 2019 by anonymous
I'm not sure what template you are currently looking at, but there's a van Westendorp simulator if you download and uncompress the file available here:


It supports up to 20 price points out of the box, but if it looks like it could work for you, it could be expanded to support more prices.
Thank you - I was writing about the excel "simulation" sheet....it works with 11 price points but seems to be cumbersome to expand to more....often about 50 or even 100 pricepoints are used . rgds
The van Westendorp calculations are a little complex, so it can be a bit tricky to expand a simulator.  If you want to expand the simulator in my previous link, these are the steps that would be required:

1. Unhide one of the "!priceN" tabs.  Copy-and-paste that tab to create "!price21," "!price22," etc.

2. In each of those new tabs, update the B1 cell.  "!price21" should reference "Simulator!A25," "!price22" should reference "Simulator!A26," etc.

3. In the Simulator tab, repeat rows 5-24 into rows 25+.  Columns H and I will need to be updated with "!price21," "!price22," etc.
Thanks for this.
In the meantime I managed to create my own sheet that does the same on several hundred scalepoints.

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