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Is it possible to change the text of attributes from the BYO screen to the Conjoint_Screener_1 screen?

Hello everybody!

I have a ACBC. On the ACBC Built-Your-Own (BYO) screen i have two colums, one for the attributes and one for the levels. When I move on to the next page (Conjoint_Screener 1) I have on the left side the attributes again. Is it possible to change the attributes, that means only the text here? I know that I can hide it, so that no attributes appear on the Conjoint_screener_1 page. But is it possibel to change them a little?

The problem is, that i formulated the attributes in the BYO as questions. On the Conjoint_Screener I want them as single words to have it clearly laid out and save space. I have a lot of text in my levels.

asked Oct 11, 2012 by T.K. (330 points)

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Just for fun, as a 3rd option can do it with CSS as well.

<style type="text/css">
.byotext {display:none}
.acbc_byo .byotext {display:inline}
.acbc_byo .nonbyotext {display:none}

<span class="byotext">This text will appear on the BYO page.</span>
<span class="nonbyotext"> This text will appear on all of the other pages.</span>
answered Oct 11, 2012 by Nolan Kaplan Bronze (4,090 points)
selected Oct 12, 2012 by T.K.
AMAZING! The CSS code is perfect! Thank you very much!
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I've helped an associate a while ago to accomplish this. I can't find the code, but you can do two things:
1- Use perl in your texts and within the perl check questions name, if its BYO return something, if its Screener return something else.
2- use JavaScript to change the texts after checking questions name, but in cases where JS is blocked, this will fail
answered Oct 11, 2012 by Bahadir Ozkurt Gold (16,980 points)
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When creating you attribute labels the following Perl script will return "BYO specific text" on the BYO page and "non-BYO text" on every other page.

[%begin unverified perl

if(QUESTIONNAME() =~ /byo/i) { 
    return "BYO specific text"; 

else { 
    return "non-BYO text"; 

end unverified%]
answered Oct 11, 2012 by Jeff Forkner Bronze (2,875 points)