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Can you show respondents their Best Combination in ACBC or ACA

Trying to do a learning session on ACBC/ACA methods and would like to have people go through a survey and then also see their Best Combination at the end within the survey. Does Sawtooth have this capability for respondents?
asked Sep 24, 2019 by Cassidy

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You can do this type of thing either with ACA or with ACBC.

With ACA, there is a functionality provided in Sawtooth script to identify the levels the respondent ranked best within each attribute from the "priors" section of the ACA interview.  This script function is "ACABestLevelLabel
 (ExerciseName, Attribute#, Rank#)".

From ACBC, there is a Sawtooth script function called "ACBCWinnerLabel(ExerciseName, Attribute#)" that returns the best level for each attribute as determined by the winning concept from the ACBC tournament section.
answered Sep 25, 2019 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (189,440 points)