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Using time as quota control

Good afternoon, everyone, hope you are doing well.

Currently using Sawtooth Software SSI Web, version 8.4.8.

I would like to use the sum of page times to run quality control inside the Admin Module. I wonder if I need to create pass-in fields for each page time and, then, sum them to create the quota or if there are other ways to use them inside the Admin Module.

Thanks a lot for your time!

asked Sep 18, 2019 by Mauricio Belleza Bronze (860 points)
SSI Web has variables in place for storing page times.  You could use them in your quota cell logic like this if you want:

Begin Unverified Perl
my $sum = 0;
for (my $page = 1; $page <= 4; $page++) {
    $sum += GETVALUE('sys_pagetime_' . $page);
return $sum <= 20;
End Unverified

The "1" and "4" can be replaced with the first and last page to include in the sum.  "20" can be replaced with the number of seconds you want used as a cutoff for this particular quota cell.

Does that suit your needs?

yes, that does suit my meed! I, then, need to place my "TimeQuota" question before the Terminate/Link pages that qualify/disqualify the respondent, is that correct?

Thanks once again for your time!

If you want to disqualify respondents who have taken too little time, you can definitely do that.  What I would do is create one quota cell with a limit of 9999; I would use the logic from above, except with ">=" instead of "<=."  Finally, set the quota question to skip respondents that do not qualify to some terminate question elsewhere in your survey.

Now respondents who have taken enough time and put into the first quota cell and are allowed to continue, while the others are sent to the terminate question.
thanks zach.

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