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How to adapt a choice set as a picture for mobile design and asking about which concept number respondents do prefer?

Hi all,

as the number of respondents answering surveys on their smartphones is  (still) increasing, I was looking for optimization for mobile design layouts for CBC.
Of course,  it is possible to check the "swipe horizontally" option or to limit the page and question width in the general settings.
Still, the layout is not very appealing and most respondents get annoyed by swipeing between concepts in each choice set.

Instead of configuring the existing CBC design, I thought of having a picture or screenshot of a whole choice set that then will be adapted to the screen/display size of each smartphone used. All concepts are numbered from 1 to X. Underneath, there will be a typical "select" question type, asking them to select their most preferred option ranging from 1 to X.

This would prevent respondents from clickling into the screenshot.
The only question that remains to me, is how to connect the selection of the concept number (select question) with the screenshot displaying the choice set?
I've checked the forum to find any information on this issue, but it seems like this problem hasn't been faced yet.

Thanks in advance,

asked Aug 18, 2019 by Ben
If you represented an entire choice set in a graphic, my guess is you would probably just want to use a very limited number of versions of your design so you could create the graphics yourself.  In Lighthouse Studio, you would still generate the design beforehand, and you will know which version of your design the respondent saw, and then 1/2/3/4 of the answers would still correlate to the 1/2/3/4 shown on the graphic, right?
Dear Mr. McEwan,
thanks for your respond!
Yes, your guess is correct. I assume that it is the natural choice to still create the choice sets using lighthouse studio and then build images of the choice sets. Afterwards, it should be possible to link the concepts shown in each choice set #1/#2/#3/#4 to the response options 1/2/3/4.
Yep, if Lighthouse Studio has a design file that says question 1 showed concepts A/B/C and you display a picture of A/B/C, then as long as you keep things in the same order, then the radio button selection of A/B/C should map right back to what the software is expecting.

There would be some design decisions to make, like would you try to fit it into the existing CBC tasks somehow, or just use the free format question type to essentially make your own CBC task with the graphic, but I can't think of any "gotchas" from a data perspective.

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