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has anyone tried to host sawtooth surveys on AWS?

has anyone tried to host sawtooth surveys on AWS?
asked Jul 28, 2019 by Driss

3 Answers

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Not personally, but it should be fine to do so.
answered Jul 30, 2019 by Joel Anderson Bronze (1,585 points)
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Yes, it is possible to host Sawtooth surveys on AWS. However, our tests have been limited to EC2 instances that are configured with the necessary software to run surveys on a single server.

You can host Sawtooth surveys on any hosting platform that will allow you to configure a web server that executes Perl through the CGI protocol and to allow that web server to connect to a SQL database server (MySQL or SQL Server are supported). See sawtoothsoftware.com/server-setup for technical requirements.

How you approach that using a given cloud hosting provider's service offerings is up to you. Some of the popular services that attract people to a given provider might not work with our survey software, but with the right technical knowledge, our surveys can be run in a variety of environments.
answered Jul 30, 2019 by harrison Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (1,200 points)
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We use AWS for survey hosting and it works like charm.
answered Jul 31, 2019 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (34,795 points)
Thank you veyr much Saurabh for your answer