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Ask additional Qs about ACBC winning concept

I wanted to ask additional follow-up questions about the ACBC winning concept. I know there's a way to save out the attribute levels but my exercise is very complicated with a lot of alternative specific attributes, conditional displays, layered images etc so it's going to be difficult to recreate the configuration in a table. I'm guessing there is a code saved somewhere to pull the whole configuration since the calibration question uses it- would you be able to tell me how to do this/where to find the code?
asked Jul 8, 2019 by Jackie

1 Answer

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Hi Jackie,

I believe you can, but you need to use perl to bring forward the winning concept from the choice tournament.

It looks like you'd need to pipe through each level individually,

The code you need is shown below (from the cbc manual)


(ExerciseName, Attribute#)


 ("ExerciseName",   Attribute#)

Returns the level label for the choice tournament winner for the indicated attribute# (if no tournament exists, returns nothing).  Hint: use ACBCNumScreenedInConcepts to determine if you should skip a question in which you might show the tournament winner.
answered Jul 9, 2019 by djtindall Bronze (600 points)
Thanks! Yes I am aware of that method to pull in each individual level but due to all of the alternative specific displays, conditional displays, and complex layering of images depending which attribute levels are shown it would be very difficult to get the full configuration to pull in as it is shown throughout the rest of the exercise which is why I was hoping to 'steal' the code that the calibration task uses where it shows the winning concept.