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MaxDiff with constructed lists

I have two maxdiff exercises in a study which I need to use constructed lists for, based on one of two quota groups.  In one of them 1 item gets asked of one quota group and a different item gets asked of the other quota group.  In the other exercise there are 2 items for one quota group and 2 other items for the other.

It's pretty straight forward and the lists will always have the same number of items regardless of which quota group.  I have used the setlistlength in the list logic as required so that all seems to be fine.

My question is in regards to the back end analysis.  Typically I use the rescaled scores from the HB estimation and provide those back to my client and run a table on those scores, but have not done so with using constructed lists like this.  On a respondent level do the missing items just remain blank?
closed with the note: I was able to figure it out with some test data.
asked Jun 17, 2019 by Jay Rutherford Gold (37,685 points)
closed Jun 18, 2019 by Jay Rutherford