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How to split respondents into same sized blocks?

Hi guys,

I want to devide respondents in two different sets for a CBC (using a skip logic) based on their answer regarding one specific question.
Before they get to the first choice set, I want do an experiment. So that the respondents get randomly into one of three different sub groups (using randomised blocks within the constructed list), in which they see different kind of information.
Now I need the formula for creating three randomised groups, which consist of the same number of respondents, let's say 70.

To summerise: Respondents answer a question with two possible answers, creating CBC 1 and 2.
Respondents of both CBS's will be separated randomly into three sub groups each.

Thanks in advance.
asked Jun 16, 2019 by MC Hammer
If you want to evenly distribute respondents, Lighthouse Studio 9.7.0's least fill quotas is probably the best tool for the job.  It will attempt to split respondents as equally as possible between each quota cell.
Thank you.

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