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Inactive respondents and other Quota issues


I wanted to ask about the inactive respondents if they are going to get back to the survey and log in again with their password, Will they be RESTARTING the survey all over again or will they CONTINUE from where they took off?

(assuming that the Quota requirements allows them to take the survey)

What is the Maximum acceptable time limit window?
Can I make it 2 days for example? (2880 minutes)

I was also wondering if after fielding my survey I decided to remove some of the quotas, how would that affect my survey? would that make a huge impact?
(Example, Originally I wanted 40-60 male: female; later on, I found out that this is not important and removed this quota all together

asked May 31, 2019 by AMYN Bronze (2,980 points)
edited May 31, 2019 by AMYN

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If you have the Maximum Respondents set to 1 for your passwords, then the respondent will restart their survey at the point where they suspended the survey. If Maximum Respondents is set to >1, then the survey will act like a generic link and will start from the beginning.

One trick we have is we can tick the "Cookies-based Restart" check box under the Settings tab of the Access button. This will force the generic links / passwords to act like unique links / passwords, providing the respondent allows cookies on their device and doesn't go deleting them. In most cases, ticking this option is handy and worthwhile.

If you want to remove quotas, the easiest approach here is to leave them as is and just set the targets really high to something like  "9999". That way no respondent will quota fail and the counts will continue to accumulate.

I'm unclear what you are seeking with regards to the time limit window? Please explain.
answered May 31, 2019 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,670 points)
selected May 31, 2019 by AMYN
Thank you, Paul, for the detailed answer.
I programmed the password to be one respondent per password, so I believe I do not have a problem here but I want to know more about your Cookies trick as I could not find that tab.
In the quota question>advance>Predictive Quota control, there are 2 checkboxes, one is using the time limit to transfer the participant from "in-progress" to "inactive". I have to indicate a time span until this action is done. What is the maximum number possible here? and will the inactive respondent continue the questionnaire from where they took off as usual?

I'll chime in on Paul's responses for you.  Cookies based restart is under Questionnaire Access and Passwords -> Settings -> Checkbox for Cookie-based Restart.

The time limit for predictive quota control allows 6 digits, so you could do 999999 minutes.  This does not impact the ability to restart where they left off.  This simply 'uses' a placeholder in the quota they qualified for until they complete the survey OR that amount of time expires.  If that amount of time goes by, then they won't be holding a spot in that quota group.  This really only has an impact when you are close to closing a quota group.  I typically set that time for slightly less than what the average survey time is.

Hope my input helps to clarify what Paul explained.
Thanks for chipping in Jay.

Superb explanation.
Thanks for both of you Jay and Paul, that clarified everything