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Adjust web survey size according to screen resolution

Hello team

my query is, if there is any way through programming in which I can readjust the screen of the surveys according to the device where it is open ...
I have problems when I send the surveys for whattsap and the people want to fill out because the survey window does not readjust to the mobile screen of the respondent

There will be some way to solve this

                    Juan Pablo
asked May 2, 2019 by JuanPablo687 (285 points)
Hi Juan,

What version of Lighthouse Studio are you using?
Hello Justin
I'm using the version 8.4
for the moment

1 Answer

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There are many improvements in Lighthouse Studio version 9 that improve how the survey looks on smaller screens.  I'd suggest trying out version 9 demo mode and seeing if it solves the problems you are seeing.  

If you can't upgrade I might have a few tips.  Please send me (justin@sawtoothsoftware.com) a few screenshots of the problems you are having along with your *.ssi file.


answered May 4, 2019 by Justin Luster Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (8,200 points)
Hello Justin,

I sent you an email with the information requested.
about the case of updating to version 9 of Lighthouse Studio.
for the moment I do not think I can do the update.
for this reason I would appreciate very much if you share some ways to readjust the screen of the survey depending on each device where it is executed